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Available in Swedish, Pressure, or Deep Tissue. our Aromatherapy Signature Massage is a must for relaxation while Aromatherapy is used to balance, harmonize, and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit.


  • Swedish Massage uses a light to medium pressure technique performed in the direction of the heart and helps to improve circulation, relieve muscular tension, and increase range of motion.

  • A hard work week, or a bad night’s sleep are perfect reasons to opt for a Pressure Massage. It’s great for loosening up recent muscle tension and relieving general aches and pains.

  • If you seek to release chronic muscle tension, Deep Tissue Massage is the optimum choice for you. This technique includes the use of fingers, thumbs, and elbows to increase blood flow, and works to relieve pain from muscle strain, sports injury, rehabilitation and even arthritic discomfort.

30, 60, or 90 Minutes


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Four hands are better than two. Synchronized massage techniques administered by two massage therapists provide double the benefit, pressure, and relief. With multiple areas of the body being stimulated at once, circulation is increased, nerve connectivity is intensified, and total relaxation is achieved. It’s guaranteed to change the way you view massages.

30, 45, 60, or 90 Minutes


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Using a combination of reflexology and massage, our foot and hand services provide epidermal exfoliation to remove dead skin in order to speed up the relief and repair process. We start off with a gentle exfoliating scrub using our Vanilla Citrus Coffee Scrub or our Brown Sugar Botanical Scrub, followed by a dip in a warm paraffin bath to relax the muscles. Finally, we end with a massage concentrating on the feet, ankles, lower leg, and hands.

20 or 30 Minutes


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Our Besties Massage* lets you and your BFF enjoy each other’s company while indulging in a relaxing massage simultaneously. With the option of Swedish, Pressure, or Deep Tissue, you’re sure to know why Compliments is the perfect complement to day or night out to celebrate friendship.

60 or 90 Minutes

*Rates are for two (2) people. For group massages, please refer to our Pamper Party section


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ProBody Massage Therapy

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Looking for something more therapeutic? From Sports Massage to Myofascial Release, ProBody Massage provides a range of options for optimal wellness.

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